PalaceSphere is the only virtual escape game company that specializes in joy building for corporate groups around the world who want engaging virtual team activities in an era of remote workforces.

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Our online escape rooms are all digital puzzle adventures that can be played from anywhere, with anyone, at any time! Great for a virtual team building activity or just for fun.

Any size group can play by dividing into teams that compete against each other for the top spot on the leaderboard. Teams connect via video chat, use their browsers to explore the mysterious palaces, and work together to solve a variety of fun, challenging puzzles.

The games are self-led (no live host required), so you can play at any time you like. Or if you are looking for a seamless and easy event, add a Live Host so you can relax and have fun!

PalaceSphere on a retro computer



It all started with a strange invitation from a long lost relative promising treasures of your wildest dreams. You explored a mansion, found your way out of a locked cell and dingy basement, and now you make your way to the end of stone tunnel with a heavy green door and curious lock. Is that sunlight you see peaking through? What adventures await this time... and where?

The Emerald Palace is third and newest installment in the Jewel Palace series!

$20 per player

An ornate golden gate opens into a lush green garden


You had been promised treasures of your wildest dreams, but now you find yourself in a locked cell room in the basement of the great palace. A note apologizes for the mishap and promises that more riches lie ahead if you can just make it through the challenges of the Sapphire Palace, but first you have to break out of the cell.

The Sapphire Palace is the newest virtual escape room adventure in the Jewel Palace series!

$20 per player


A mysterious letter arrives from a long lost relative, inviting you to visit the elegant Ruby Palace with promises of adventure and treasure. You must assemble a team and journey to the palace. You will have to work together and solve puzzles to discover the secrets that lie within!

The Ruby Palace is an all-digital, self-led puzzle adventure in which teams of 3-4 play an online, cooperative game using their browser and a video chat.

$20 per player



Pick a game & purchase a "reservation" for the number of people in your group. No need to secure a time slot or schedule a start time at checkout. Games are self led and do not require a live host, so they can be played at any time! Purchase here!

Group of 2-5 only? Check out the new Standard Team version.


After checkout, Organizers will gain access to the Game Administrator Portal (GAP). This is where you can add all players, assign teams of 3-4, schedule game times, add video chat links, and send invitations! Learn more about getting set up here.

3. PLAY!

Each team of 3-4 players plays the game at the designated time, using a browser and a video conference solution of their choice. The experience should last about 1-2 hours. Learn how to play here.


    These digital multiplayer puzzle adventures are designed for large group team building and fun, so they can can be enjoyed by individual teams or large groups! Whether you're booking for 2 people or 2,000, you can all play in spirited collaboration and competition.

    Have a single team of 2-5 players? Check out the new Standard Team version of the Jewel Palace games.


    Want to play as a single team? You can do that, too! Groups of 2 to 5 players can purchase the new Standard Team version of the Jewel Palace Games.

    We strongly recommend playing as a team of 3-5 players, however, you can play with as few as 2. You may not exceed 5 players.

    Single teams can compete for a top spot on the Public Leaderboard!


    Not sure when you want to play? No problem! You don't need to schedule your game to check out. Simply purchase for the number of players in your group. Then you can schedule game time(s) at your convenience in the GAP. Plan for about 1-2 hours of play.

    All teams can play at the same time or at different times – it is up to you! PALACESPHERE virtual escape rooms are self led, so there are no scheduling restrictions.

    Play a PalaceSphere Virtual Escape Room at any time!


Play the premium version of the Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald Palace! For groups with multiple teams.


"Let me first start by saying the Palace Games Escape Rooms are by far the best Escape Rooms out there, so I was absolutely thrilled when the PG Staff took their innovation virtually to bring us The Ruby Palace! Even better that they designed a way for an entire Global Team to play against each other! As an Executive Assistant I've time and time again been tasked with seeking out fun and entertaining ways to keep my global teams engaged. We were limited to Step Challenges or Workout challenges which simply weren't accessible to everyone. Ruby is that god-send that we have been waiting a long time for that everyone and anyone can enjoy! It includes all of the thrill of the in-person Palace Games Escape Rooms, yet now we have an entire palace to explore! The puzzles offer something for everyone and touch on anything from pop culture, to math, to team coordination and everything in-between. The time spent on Ruby was comparable to a trip to the movies so totally convenient for even the busiest or folks'. So whether you're playing against your colleagues from across the globe, or with your roomies, this game offers a much needed and entertaining  reprieve in times of uncertainty. I cannot wait for the additional installments of the Jewel Palace Series. Thank you to the Palace Games for 'continuing to spread joy through their games'. The world needed this more than you know!"

"Palacesphere games have been one of my favorite activities to pass time during quarantine. I've recommended them to many of my friends in my college's escape room club. Sapphire Palace was especially great in the way it encouraged communication and collaboration. All of the puzzles were a joy to play through and figure out."

“The Ruby Palace was a great activity for my team to stay connected during these times.  The puzzles were cleverly designed and varied enough that everyone had their chance to shine. Palace Games did a fantastic job translating the experience of an escape room to the virtual space, and we can’t wait for The Sapphire Palace to open!”

"I highly recommend the Ruby Palace! It is a great virtual experience. It’s a challenging and fun game for a team building activity or casual game between friends. I have done real escape rooms in person before, so I was a little skeptical, BUT it was so realistic, just as fun as the real thing!"

"Great way to spend quality time with friends and family during this quarantine time especially. Love Palace Games!! Thank you. "

"At a time when so many fun things have had to be paused, the Ruby Palace from Palace Games is a stroke of genius. Clever, intuitive, and challenging, this online adventure was a great team-building exercise for a group of people who haven't seen the inside of an office for months. Thoroughly recommend!"


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