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Virtual Escape Room Case Study

Interested in how others have used our virtual escape rooms to boost morale and connect remote teams? Read the case study below to see how one organizer won an award for going above and beyond to unite her dispersed team.


An Award-Winning Executive Admin's Case Study


A long time patron of Palace Games (PG), Fran, an Executive Assistant at a leading ride-sharing company, had always struggled to connect her global team. With the added obstacle of a newly dispersed workforce, Fran was in desperate need of a solution to boost morale and bring her colleagues together virtually. Thus, Fran reached out to PG to work together to solve her problem. 



Enter the Ruby Palace, PG’s first premium virtual escape game. Fran and the PG concierges, aka the GEMs, worked together to set up a Ruby Palace event for their global team of 175 employees. Fran encouraged everyone to participate, to play with people they wanted to get to know better, and to block off time during working hours so everyone could take the time to enjoy themselves and connect with colleagues. To accommodate everyone’s schedules, she gave her group one month to schedule their game times.



PG and the Ruby Palace were the perfect choice for Fran’s needs. The puzzle adventure broke the large group into smaller teams of 3-4 players each, which allows for solid communication and optimal gaming experience. The Game Administrator Portal, unique to PG and designed for large group management, made set up easy for Fran and also allowed for individual teams to schedule and facilitate their own games--relieving the burden on Fran to organize 196 players! The private leaderboard sparked friendly competition across the board and led to increased social engagement for all the players involved.


The results speak for themselves:

  • 97% participation (one team postponed their game as one player took maternity leave)
  • Players were engaged and excited about competition
    • Slack channels lit up with group conversations and updates about the leaderboard, friendly banter, ad excitement for next game to try for a higher spot on the leaderboard or defend their position
  • Players got to connect with colleagues they didn’t know as well 
    • Players felt like they got a chance to get to know new colleagues better and have a fun shared experience
  • Morale boosted 
    • Players happy and connected, and glad to have something fun to discuss outside of work


Overall, the team was super enthusiastic about the team building event! Fran is constantly being asked when the group can play the second game in the series, The Sapphire Palace. It was such a success that Fran won an award for going above-and-beyond for boosting morale.