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Play at any time - no live host required. No time limit. Plan to play for 60-120 min.

  • Select between the Emerald Palace, Ruby Palace, or the Sapphire Palace before checkout.
  • $28 PER TEAM
  • 5 players MAX
  • One team MAX per game.*

The Jewel Palace games are all-digital puzzle adventures - or "Virtual Escape Palace" - in which teams play an online, cooperative game using their browser and preferred video conference platform. The Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald Palaces are self-led games with time released hints, so teams can start the game any time that works for their schedule!

Emerald Palace:

Whimsical fun and play. New player friendly!

Designed for team building and has an emphasis on collaborative challenges. For those looking for more puzzles, check out the Sapphire or Ruby Palace!

It all started with a strange invitation from a long lost relative promising treasures of your wildest dreams. You explored a mansion, found your way out of a locked cell and dingy basement, and now you make your way to the end of stone tunnel with a heavy green door and curious lock. Is that sunlight you see peaking through? What adventures await this time... and where?

Sapphire Palace:

You had been promised treasures of your wildest dreams, but now you find yourself in a locked cell room in the basement of the great palace. A note apologizes for the mishap and promises that more riches lie ahead if you can just make it through the challenges of the Sapphire Palace, but first you have to break out of the cell.

Ruby Palace:

You’ve received a mysterious letter from a long lost relative that you never knew you had, inviting you to visit the elegant Ruby Palace with promises of adventure and treasure. Intrigued, you gather a group of friends and journey to the palace. You will have to work together and solve puzzles to discover the secrets that lie within. Work quickly, lest other groups unlock the mysteries of the Ruby Palace before your team reaches the end!


*You may purchase a maximum of 1 Standard Team per Jewel Palace Game. You may not purchase multiple Standard Teams for the same game. For larger groups with multiple teams, please check out the premium version of the Jewel Palace Games. Check out our pricing page to compare options.

**Standard team option accommodates groups of 2-5 players. We recommend playing as a team of 3-5, but 4 is best when possible. You may not exceed 5 players.

***Jewel Palace games are best enjoyed on a computer.