PALACESPHERE reservations will now have access to 3 different types of leaderboards to help find the right type of competition for ANY group!

Learn more about Private, Shared, and Public Leaderboards below.

Every PALACESPHERE reservation will automatically have its own Private Leaderboard. This leaderboard will include the final times for every team under that reservation.

It is not possible to invite other groups to join your private leaderboard.

Shared Leaderboards are for multiple reservations to join the same leaderboard by invitation only. Organizers can create a shared leaderboard or join an existing Shared Leaderboard with an invite code. 
Great for challenging another department in your organization, sparking a fun competition with a larger social group, or for instigating a lively family feud!

Only groups with invitation codes can join a shared leaderboard.

The Public Leaderboard will include the teams from any reservation that choose to join. Organizers will have the option to join the Public Leaderboard when managing their reservation in the GAP
View The Ruby Palace Public Leaderboard here and The Sapphire Palace Public Leaderboard here.

Any group may join the Public Leaderboard.
Group Organizers have the option to join, create, or access leaderboards from the Join Leaderboard page in the GAP. Learn more about setting up Leaderboards here.