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What's the Word on the Virtual Escape Rooms on the PalaceSphere?

The Sapphire Palace receives a PERFECT score from the wonderful review group Room Escape Artist. See the review here. Thanks REA!

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Testimonials from PalaceSphere Players

“At a time when so many fun things have had to be paused, the Ruby Palace from Palace Games is a stroke of genius. Clever, intuitive, and challenging, this online adventure was a great team-building exercise for a group of people who haven't seen the inside of an office for months. Thoroughly recommend!”

“It's been challenging working exclusively online for almost an entire year now. The Sapphire virtual room was such a relief for my entire work team. It was the perfect experience to bond further with my team and learn more about how each of us communicates with each other, and discover where strengths lie. It was inspiring to watch each other lift one another up. Thank you!”

“A great experience that helps members of the team show their thought processes, communication skills, when to be assertive and when to be passive. Overall it is a great way to challenge the methods we routinely use when problem solving and 'rewires' the ways in which we need to communicate in pursuit of a common goal.”

“Great as a team activity and for beginners to escape rooms”

“Everyone had a great time, and we really appreciate how smoothly it went thanks to [the GEMs].  Thank you again for all of your help leading up to the event too, [the GEMs] were incredibly helpful and quick to respond.”

“Joining a large company like Google during WFH is a huge social challenge. I feel like I'm meeting everyone through glass. The Ruby Palace let me bond with teammates who live half a world away, and I feel closer and more collaborative as a result...

“The smartest online escape rooms you'll find, and we've done a lot of them. Palace Games brings their world-class expertise to a digital puzzle experience that really thinks out the interaction piece. Jewel Palace turns the online medium into a strength rather than a limitation, while still creating the signature team problem solving dynamic that makes analog escape rooms great. Finally our group can do these without having to get together each year-- we would play one each month if we could!”

“I work in a fairly introverted work environment, but also a very motivated one. It was fun to see personalities come out and watch everyone working to their full capacity to solve the puzzles. However, now that we know each other's personalities... I mean we may have opened Pandora's box.”

“This was the perfect remote party game for our team. It was challenging and so much fun!”