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Gift Ideas for a Puzzler

Gifts for an Escape Artist or Puzzler

So, someone you know has officially caught the escape room or puzzle bug! We are so glad they had fun solving challenges with friends, family, or coworkers; but now they won't stop nagging you about escape rooms. Have no fear, Palace Games is here! Here are some of our recommendations to keep your puzzling loved one busy this holiday season.


This is an obvious go-to for spending quality time with loved ones, but halfway through a game of Monopoly, someone is flipping the game board off the table in frustration. We recommend these games where players collaborate to win!

Castle Panic: This is a perfect cooperative game to involve the entire family! Players must work together to defend their castle from monsters. Up to six players, ages ten and up. Protect your castle at all costs!

Mysterium: A perfect game for those true crime detectives in the family! Mysterium is a cooperative game for up to seven players, ages ten and up. In this spooky murder mystery, one player plays the role of the ghost and the rest of the team are mediums. The object of the game is to figure out how the ghost was murdered all those years ago, but there's a catch! The ghost can only communicate through visions. The mediums must decipher the meanings behind images and work together to solve the mystery! 

Unlock!: This thread wouldn't be complete without recommending the Unlock! series, we are an escape room company after all. This cooperative card game is an escape room in a box! Pick from the different themed adventures, recommended for up to six players, ages ten and up.

Now if you still want some friendly competition, but are tired of the same old board games you have played since childhood, try these games this holiday season!

Hues and Cues: This colorful board game has a pretty simple objective, try to get as close to the shade being described. Easy, right? Well, that is until everyone is arguing over what shade they think Banana is. Be ready for a lively game of color. It seems pretty simple, but be warned, it's harder than you think! This game is easy to learn and works with groups big or small. 

The Movie Movie Game: For our Cinema lovers out there, test your film knowledge with The Movie Movie Game! This crowdfunded card game twists players' brains by combining two movie titles. We got a kick out of trying to decipher where one title ends and the other begins! 

Puzzle-ish gifts

Here are some great gifts for that family member who will spend all day wrapped up in a blanket dedicated to a jigsaw puzzle.

Paint By Sticker! We all remember the paint-by-number sheets growing up, Paint By Sticker is the same concept but with a sticky twist! This activity book is for those who couldn't resist peeling a free sticker and slapping it onto their water bottle, computer, or notebook growing up. Now you can create aesthetically pleasing mosaics without the mess of traditional paint by numbers.

3D puzzles: For those who want something more similar to the traditional jigsaw puzzle, these 3D puzzles are great gifts! Robotime has a wide selection of 3D wooden puzzles, from marble runs to music boxes; this takes a puzzle day to a new level!

Adult lego sets: For those who are craving bigger build projects, return to your roots by investing in thematic adult lego sets! These lego sets bring out your inner child as you build structures from your childhood. From Home Alone to Hogwarts, the building options are endless. Just be careful not to lose any pieces in the process!

Brain teasers 

For those puzzlers who can solve Rubix cubes with their eyes closed, here are some brain teasers that might bring an extra challenge.

Hanayama Puzzles: Hanayama has some great small brain teasers that are portable and less of a commitment than other options. These are great gifts for those puzzlers who want something to keep them occupied in their daily life. Leave them on your desk, or bring them with you on your commute to work! Once you take it apart, are you sure you can put it back together again?

The Master Theorem: Are you worthy of becoming a member of the secret society of solvers? Show off your wit by solving these original puzzles and riddles created by M. The Master Theorem originally started as a weekly online society and is now in physical form! Or for the elite puzzlers, try TMT Elite! 

Puzzle Box: Again, this list wouldn't be complete without iDventure Cluebox’s Captain’s Nemo Nautilus. This puzzling brain teaser is essentially an escape room in a box! Can you unlock Davy Jone’s box? For an extra challenge, try timing yourself, can you complete the puzzles in under an hour?

And last but certainly not least, play one of our virtual escape rooms in the Jewel Palace Series! The Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire rooms are a great gift for those who want to play in an escape room but don't have the time or people to go to a physical room. 


We miss hearing the wonderful sounds of teams bonding in our physical escape rooms. The laughter, the yelling, the gasps of amazement, we miss it all! But just because we are currently scattered across the map, that doesn’t mean we can’t still get together and solve fun puzzles! Whether you are looking for virtual team building or just want a fun activity to do with friends or family, the virtual Jewel Palace Series is right for you.

 To help create a truly memorable and outstanding virtual event, the fun people at Palace Games have pulled together a brain trust to give you a list of ways to enhance your virtual party, in ways that fit the current, socially distant reality. So follow these easy steps and enjoy reconnecting with your team!


Play the RUBY PALACE Online Escape Room

Palace Games’ world class gaming experience is now available in digital form. Of course you want to share the fun with your team! The first in the Jewel Palace Series, The Ruby Palace is a mysterious manor, filled with puzzles to be solved as you race the clock to  beat your competitors.

Designed to be entirely self-led and self-scheduled, the Ruby Palace can accommodate any size group--but for the best puzzle experience, break your group into smaller teams of 3-4 players. Then enter the world of lavish decor and mysterious relatives, and race for the prize--and top spot on your personal leaderboard.


Arrange Food and Drink to Accompany Your Virtual Escape Room

The story of the Ruby Palace begins with a letter from a relative you never knew existed. You and your team travel to an imposing mansion and are greeted with an exhilarating series of puzzles. As you solve each challenge, a door opens to a new room and a new brain teaser.

Clearly, your team will need to be sufficiently prepared for this mental ordeal! You can support their efforts by providing fun snacks and drinks to reproduce the post game pub visit!

Some personal favorite suggestions are:

  • La Fromagerie gift boxes Cheese is brain food!
  • Wine Tasting Kit   

  • Send Themed “Swag Bags” to Your Participants

    Immerse your team in the opulent atmosphere of the Ruby Palace by sending them thematically appropriate items to extend the fun. We had a great deal of fun coming up with these suggestions for items you can share with your team. Mix and match any (or all!) of these suggestions.

    For an extra shot of mystery, send them ahead of time without explaining why…

    • Crowns and tiaras--the shinier, the better! Or check out these regal head boppers  for an unconventional royal look.
    • Rubik’s cubes make for good pre-game mental warm-up. They come in the traditional cube shape, but there are also unusual shapes, or even miniature ones.

    Have Prizes 

    Everybody loves to win, so the more prizes you can come up with, the more you can spread the joy. “Fastest to the finish” is obvious, but creativity is always appreciated. The last place team (by whatever margin) is obviously the “Team that had the MOST fun!” And you can deliver these medals that declare that everybody is a winner.


    Make Time to Chat--Before, During, and/or After the game

    Having a chance to connect with other players before/during/after the game is especially fun. You can survey for people’s favorite puzzles, most embarrassing moments, and other stand out experiences. Email us at for a debrief guide and questionnaire. 

    Compare your teams’ puzzle prowess 

    When you play as a group, you have your own private leaderboard, where you can compare your mental agility with each other. But did you know that the PalaceSPHERE lets you create Shared Leaderboards so you can compare yourself with other teams from your company or other social groups? There is even a Public Leaderboard you can opt into, and see how you rate against other teams.

    For more information, including different ways to play, see our article "Throw A Great Virtual Party"

    We would love to hear what you do with your teams! Give us your best ideas at And stay tuned for the next exciting game: THE SAPPHIRE PALACE!

    Throw a Great Virtual Party with Our Online Escape Rooms

    Throw a Great Virtual Party with Our Online Escape Rooms

    Sparking joy and connection are the top priority at Palace Games, so we want to share how you can put together a virtual party that is both fun and stress-free! 

    Whether you're planning a virtual team building event or a party with friends or family, the Jewel Palace Series, including the Ruby Palace and the new Sapphire Palace, is perfect for you!

    Ways to Play: Different Ways to Setup Up Your Virtual Escape Room Event

    With friends, family, and colleagues dispersed like never before, it can be hard to schedule a play time that works for everyone. As our online games are self led (no live host required), teams can schedule the game at their convenience, no matter the time zone! There is no need to coordinate with our schedule for your virtual event unless you are interested in a live hosted game.

    We understand that every group has unique needs. Some groups want to have a standalone event at a set date and time. Other groups may want to offer a fun virtual activity for their participants to enjoy at their leisure. Our system allows organizers to set up their virtual event however it works best for their group’s needs.

    Organizers could set up their virtual party in a couple of different ways:

    1. Teams play at the same time

    Organizers can schedule all teams to play at once. This is a great option if you have set aside a specific date and time for a team building activity or are throwing a virtual holiday party.

    2. Teams play at different times

    We have seen a lot of success with this model. If it is hard to find a time for everyone to play at once, allow each team to schedule their game at a time that is convenient within a set time frame (ex. over the weekend, within 2 weeks, etc...). To relieve the burden of scheduling, the Team Organizer can delegate this task by assigning Team Captains to each team and inviting them to the Game Administrator Portal (GAP).

    What we love about this option is how it really encourages social engagement. As teams compete their escape times are memorialized on your private Leaderboard. We've seen friendly banter ignite as teams boast about their experience and challenge teams yet to play. 

    Other Ways to Enhance Your Virtual Escape Room Event

    We have helped many types of groups host excellent virtual events and throughout our experience we have learned some things. For example, some are looking for a turnkey experience with minimal effort; others wants ways to snazz up their events with swag! 

    Extra Support

    If you want the joy of throwing a great event, but without some of the hassle, then look no further! Our Palace concierges, aka The GEMs, are here to help. With new add-on packages, including a Live Host introduction, Live Host full-game support, or full set up packages, your event just got a whole lot easier. Check out what the GEMs have to offer here.


    One of the really fun parts of assisting organizers with their events, is coming up with ways to make it unique. Enter the swag bag. Our Palace concierges, the GEMs, have come up with a great list of items that can be used to boost the experience and provide some hands-on enjoyment! See our list of swag idea here


    We would be remiss if we didn't mention our Leaderboards.

    Need to energize your department? Want to rouse your competitive family? Looking to motivate your teammates? Our Leaderboard options will ignite friendly competition across departments, homes, and social groups.

    Each reservation has a Private Leaderboard that includes the escape times for each team in your group. Great, right? Well, we also have Shared leaderboards and a Public Leaderboard to extend the competition. Shared Leaderboards are a really fun way to link separate reservations and see how your teams fair against others that you choose to invite. Click here to learn more about our Leaderboards.


    At Palace Games, we truly and deeply, care about your experience and are here to help. Connect with us today to get your event underway!


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