Getting to your game:



1.) Check your inbox for an email titled ‘Mark Your Calendar!’ This email contains all necessary information to proceed in finding The Ruby Palace, so keep track of it! If any information needs to be changed, contact your Team Captain or Group Organizer.

2.) On Game Day, you will want to join the game and a video conference with your teammates. For the email, click the yellow ‘PLAY’ button to log into your game!

If a video conference link was provided when your invite was sent, there will be a video conference link in your email to join. If there is not one in your email, coordinate with your teammates to set one up.

3.) After you click ‘Play’ in the email. You’ll be taken to a waiting room on the website. Make sure you click on your own name to enter the lobby!

4.) In the lobby, you’ll see all the information you need to know for your journey. Please read this information! Click the ‘BEGIN’ button when your team is ready! (This does not start the game timer.)

5.) When the entire team is present, click on the note to read it. When everyone is done, click the red "Enter" button (you may have to scroll to see it). BEWARE!

Once you enter The Ruby Palace, the timer starts! Do not enter until everyone is ready.

Tip 1: We recommend splitting your screen between the game in your browser and your video conference (adjust the window size line up side by side) so you don't have to click back and forth.

Tip 2: We do not recommend using Internet Explorer as your game browser.


How to play:


To play:

  • Navigate the space, using the green arrows.
  • You will have access to a suite of rooms, which contains a single puzzle.
  • You can track your location on the 5x5 grid at the bottom of the screen.
  • Some room elements are clickable, others are not.
  • Each suite will contain a note that will explain the challenge you are facing.
  • Once you have solved the puzzle, click on the red door to enter your answer.
  • The door will open for all players once one player has entered the correct password.
  • Should you be stuck, the LIGHTBULB will release timed hints. They are entirely optional.  The third hint will be the password.
  • If you wish to pause, the game (and the timer) will pause for all players.