The Game Administrator Portal – or "GAP" – is the place where you manage your game reservation when you purchase a premium Jewel Palace Game. It is especially handy for large groups. 
You'll use the GAP to set up your reservation and assign teams. There are two team assignment methods: pre-assigned teams and flexible on-the-fly team assignments

∙ Pre-Assign Teams or Assign Teams On the Fly 
∙  Add & Invite Players (optional)
∙  Schedule Play Time(s) 
∙  Share Video Conferencing Links   
  ∙  Send Save the Date Emails
∙  Access Leaderboard
∙ Create & Join Shared & Public Leaderboards


1. Login to the Game Administrator Portal (GAP). After purchase, you will receive a GAP welcome email. If this is your first visit, you'll need to set your account password first- a link is provided in the email.
2. Select Team Assignment Method
  •  Flexible Team Assignment. Aren't exactly sure who will show up at game time? Then use the flexible team assignment method to create unique team codes that you can share with players who will use the code to log into the game.
  •  Pre-Assigned Teams. Add players and assign teams manually or use the random team generator.
    3. Set Game Start Time(s) and Add Video Chat Links
    4. Inform Players. You can send out a Save the Date  with the start time of the game and the video link to yourself or all the players on your team. If using the Pre-Assigned Teams method, you can also send out game invitations to each team, which includes their specific game link.

     The Flexible Team Assignment method allows organizers to create team codes* for their event without having to pre-assign players to each team. Organizers will generate unique team codes and will share those codes with the players right before the game. 

    *Team codes are to be used by players on the PalaceSphere Join Game page to login for their game. Organizers are responsible for sharing Team Codes with players. 

    The Organizer is the person that purchases the game and manages the overall reservation for the group. The Organizer adds players, assigns teams and can assign Team Captains (see the section below on Team Captains to learn what they can do). The Organizer has the ability to add the time/date and video conferencing link for all the teams at once, or can add the information to individual teams. Team Captain and player invites can also be sent by the Organizer, and include the start time, the video conference link (provided by the organizer), and the game link for each team.



    Team Captains are optional! But they are a great resource if the Organizer wants to delegate some of the scheduling responsibility. You’ll have the option to make Team Captain assignments in the GAP and send Team Captain welcome emails with instructions and a personalized message.

    The Team Captain's role is to coordinate game logistics with the players on their team and to enter those details into the GAP. We created the Team Captain role so the Group Organizer can delegate some of the individual team details to someone on each team. A Group Organizer can designate themselves as a Team Captain if they wish to coordinate for their own team.

    Team Captains will have their own view of the GAP. They will have the ability to schedule the play time, add a video chat link for their game, send invitations to fellow players, add a team name, and even pick their own team if the Group Organizer allows. 




    Want to learn more about how to set up a reservation in the GAP? View the GAP Demo video or visit our Help Center