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Whimsical fun and play. New player friendly!

$20 per player. Enter # of players for purchase. Unlimited group size.

Designed for multiple teams of 3-4 players.* Minimum of 2 players required.

Play at any time - no live host required. No time limit. Plan to play for 60-75 min.

It all started with a strange invitation from a long lost relative promising treasures of your wildest dreams. You explored a mansion, found your way out of a locked cell and dingy basement, and now you make your way to the end of stone tunnel with a heavy green door and curious lock. Is that sunlight you see peaking through? What adventures await this time... and where?

The Emerald Palace is an all-digital escape game in which teams of 3-4 play an online, cooperative game using their browser and preferred video conference platform. 

Designed for team building and has an emphasis on collaborative challenges. For those looking for more puzzles, check out the Sapphire or Ruby Palace!

Large groups (unlimited in size) can divide into smaller teams and compare scores on a private leaderboard. The Emerald Palace is a self-led game with time released hints, so teams can start the game any time that works for their schedule!

Manage your reservation with the PALACESPHERE Game Administrator Portal (GAP). Use the GAP to add and invite players, assign teams, schedule play times, etc. Learn more about how it all works or how to play.

The Emerald Palace is the third in the Jewel Series, created by Palace Games, the company behind the PALACESPHERE and internationally renowned (in-person) escape rooms based in San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts.


*Got a team of 2-5 players only? Check out the new Standard Team version of the Jewel Palace Games!

**The Emerald Palace is best enjoyed on a computer and is not currently supported on mobile devices. Please review our Emerald Palace Play Guide for tips for the best experience!